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Regenerative Agriculture

Brent Koors

3 August 2018   7:00 p.m.

Agriculture, as practiced by “conventional” Western commodity cultivators, has made a great leap from Eden into the “knowing” control of science and economy.  Permaculture, a paradoxical misnomer embracing difference and change, offers progressive neophytes classical principles and practices for framing farming.  To engage this emerging paradigm, we will examine unreasonable relationships and limited perspectives of resource management in three parts:

  1. Relation to and : cooperation not control, form and function

    • The “Myth of the Natural” and fallacy of progress

    • Biomimicry, overyielding polycultures, stacking functions

    • Entropy yielding- H2o, C, Nutrient Cycles- AACT, KNF, FPJ, LAB

  2. Space: Farming in the 3rd Dimension

    • Fractals & Forest Edge Ecology

    • Alley-cropping, silvopasture, coppice/pollard

    • Swales and earthworks

  3. Time: Future Farming Dimensions

    • “Wounding” as disturbance & rest

    • Keyline Scale of Permanence: Succession

    • Perpetual economy- externalities and accruing interest

With these systems which are not systematic, the “knowledge” of science and

economics do not leverage the soil toil of farming, land management, and the

environment; rather, values of nature become the lever of plenipotent perspectival

partnerships.  As permaculturists are so apt to say, “It All Depends.”


Brent and Mitzi Koors have a 38 acre farm in Grass Lake Township.  Brent is a

two-headed serpent in commercial construction and farming.

Open to the public. Suggested $5 donation.

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