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Jesus the Imagination: The Garden

I am exceedingly happy to announce that Jesus the Imagination, Volume IV: The Garden is now available. It was a very exciting volume to edit and I am very proud of the work represented in it.

The Garden includes essays by Jeremy Naydler (see below), Therese Schroeder-Sheker, Andrew Kuiper, Scot F. Martin, and Darrell Lackey; poetry from Isak Bond, Katie Hartsock, R. Bratten Weiss, Rick Yoder, Paul Hunter, Tom Sturch, Ruth Asch, Philippa Martyr, Jon Egan (one of the founders of progressive musical collective Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus), John R.P. Russell, and Jonathan Monroe Geltner, who also contributes a translation of Paul Valéry's “Le Cimetière marin” ("The Seaside Cemetery"). Tyler DeLong contributes a woodcut and the front and back covers are the work of photographer Cheri Davis. My own contributions include an interview with biodynamic beekeeping pioneer Gunther Hauk and a review essay on Paul Tyson's Seven Brief Lesson on Magic and Moshe Idel's The Privileged Divine Feminine in the Kabbalah.

You can order copies here and here.

Jeremy Naydler

Therese Schroder-Sheker

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