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The Regeneration Podcast

Dear Friends!

Just a quick note to let you know about a new sophiological initiative, the Regeneration Podcast. The idea for this project started when my good friend, Mike Sauter—a frequent contributor to Jesus the Imagination—suggested the two of us should host a podcast. We know lots of people interested in the regeneration (read: “reimagination”) of culture in fields as far-ranging as economics, education, farming, the arts, science, and religion—and absolutely not limited to these areas! In Mike’s description: William Blake said “Everything that Lives is Holy.” Mike Sauter and Michael Martin discuss faith and the world with friends and guests through a sacramental lens. We call this “Sophiology.” Farming, the arts, child-rearing, politics, economy, religion, education and culture. Think “Holy,” but think of all the world outside of church buildings; the divine shining through all of creation. Peace and love Christian Anarchism from the bottom-up.

For our first interview, we interviewed the radical economist Guido Preparata. It was a mind-blowing conversation. Guido is one of the most brilliant people I know—and he does not hold back in this conversation. Years ago, I was searching for scholarly work on perishable currency, and found his work. Explosive stuff. I’ll never forget the smile on my face when I found his website and saw the words “Conspiracy theory is too important to be left to conspiracy theorists” scroll across the page (that quite has been replaced by an equally trenchant one by Cervantes). Check out his website here.

So please give the podcast a listen and feel free to subscribe. Currently we are only on Podbean, but should be on other apps momently.

And check out that sweet bumper music!

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