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JESUS THE IMAGINATION 7: Call for Submissions

The Queen of the May

The submission period for Jesus the Imagination, Volume 7: “The Household of Things” is now open.

We’re looking for poetry, essays, and other imaginative writing as well as photography and artwork that addresses what one might call “the economy of the Real.” This economy touches on all of the things that contribute to a healthy human life. We would love to see work on Distributism and alternative actual currencies as well as farming and gardening, homesteading, handcrafts, husbandry, and even education, not to mention the reimagination of conviviality and the festival year and its cosmological dimensions (including folk religion). In addition, we’re interested in work that explores the invisible world and its inhabitants, as they, too, are a part of the household of things.

The deadline for submissions is 25 March 2023. Send your submissions to

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